Forgiving The Unforgettable

Hello Everyone!

I am working hard and writing into the weee hours of the night to get Forgiving The Unforgettable done. Since my process is moving along nicely I wanted to share a small piece of the book with you. Please feel free to comment any thoughts!

Forgiving The Unforgettable 

Have you ever had the feeling that something is wrong, while you anxiously walk around just waiting for it to happen.

Me too, it was a hot summer day and I was stuck inside a steamy second floor apartment with my mom and brothers. The morning started off like usual with my mother yelling “Dana, clean this fucking house!” Cleaning was the last thing on my mind, all I could think about was how much fun my friends were having outside.

Cautiously I walked towards her. “Mom if I promise to clean later today can I please play outside?”

As she slammed her coffee cup on the table she bellowed. “you cannot go outside, because you are a little bitch!”

My hands began to tremble as I backed out of the kitchen, “But mom please I’ll clean first.”

“you will stay inside and do the cleaning until I wake up.”

A few hours had passed and the house lay silent. I sat on the couch clutching a pillow waiting for her to wake up. As time passed hatred brewed inside me and I devised a plan to wake her up. I knew waking her up would be trouble but I couldn’t sit there any longer. I started banging around the kitchen pretending I was cleaning. The sound of the pots hitting each other will certainly wake her up. When she didn’t wake up I yelled and yelled but got no response, that’s when my nerves took over and I searched all around the house for her.  Did she leave without telling us again? I begged and pleaded with my brothers to help me find her. Finally, after a few minutes they began to help me look for her. They yelled from the windows and checked every inch of our apartment except her bedroom. We sat on the floor contemplating what to do next, do we knock on her door and take the chance of getting beat? No. One of us would have to take the beating to protect the others.

That’s what I did, with my brothers watching from behind I slowly opened her bedroom door. My eyes were closed because I wasn’t sure who or what was in there. I called her name and gently opened the door, silence permeated the room. Cautiously my eyes opened and there she was in her leopard pajamas sprawled out on the bed. My heart was racing as I jumped on her bed and tried waking her. She didn’t move or say a word, there was nothing I could do but sit there in a pile of pills and alcohol and watch her lay still.

  • B.N.Grace

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