Hello Everyone,

The concept behind this poem is someone who is searching for their true self.  I often find that I lose myself in work, stress, family,  or school. I wrote this to represent the struggle to continue being myself.

Although for me this poem is about finding yourself, it may touch on a different feeling for you. I hope that someone can relate to this writing or find their own meaning behind it.

Please enjoy all comments are greatly appreciated





I search for you
Through the chaos of this life
I long to see your smiling face staring back at me
Every day I wait for you
Have you disappeared with no return?

I am here
Behind a mask of sorrow
Trying to break free from the chains that bind me
Every day I see you searching in the mirror
You cannot find me there, for I am no longer the person you see

I will search for you
Down the deepest ocean to the highest peak
You are not lost, but deep within
I shall work until you are free of burdens that hide you from me

I am here


  • B.N. Grace








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