Hello, and welcome to my Page. I am a budding psychologist, writer, and mother of two children. My love for learning about people and relationships started during my 10-year career as a hairstylist. Although I truly did love the beauty industry it was the talking and listening to the clients that interested me the most. After owning a salon and contributing to many beauty blogs I decided it was time to pursue my passions. I went back to school to attain my Bachelor’s degree in psychology and began writing about relationships and mental health.

Writing is the air in my lungs, I can’t go a minute without thinking about what  I want to write next.

When I am not writing or tending to my children you can find me in the kitchen. My family loves to cook together and talk about our day over a family meal. After a long day of errands, writing, and crafts I like to end my night with a cup of hot chocolate and a face mask.